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Commercial Loss

Overcoming the crisisRegardless of the size of your corporation, in purchasing your insurance policy it was your intent to protect your business from property damage and loss of income. Unfortunately, your business has tragically succumbed to a disaster, whether it is fire, water, theft, vandalism or a hurricane. You are now faced with the prospect of determining the proper response. There are now a number of factors you may have to consider in regards to the physical plant, business personal property and the loss of business income. Can we continue partial operations? Can we outsource services to maintain our customer base? Can we temporarily relocate business operations? To ensure that all of our business interests are protected, where do we start?

Your insurance company has the responsibility of both administering and processing your claim. There is just one problem: can the insurance company balance its responsibility to its shareholders and at the same time adjust your claim fairly? An insurance company employee, namely the adjuster, will handle your claim. Your dream has been realized after laboring long hours and securing the necessary capital to create a successful business. Are you willing to trust your dream, the product of your labor and capital, to the obvious? How can you be sure that all of your rights will be protected?

This is where Jones & Associates excels: evaluating policy and making the right determinations on proper coverage for you and your business. From building damage to loss of income, we can help you handle the worst and get the best out of changing commercial conditions.

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