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Hurricane Katrina was one of our nation’s most devastating disasters in history. Jones & Associates played a key role in helping business owners and homeowners recover and restore their properties to their pre-loss conditions, facilitating over 2000 mediations.

We specialize in the fields of building damage, business personal property, business income, extra expenses, tenant improvements and inland marine services. The experts at Jones & Associates practice throughout the country from our offices in:

  • Chicago, IL
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Hattiesburg, MS
  • Dallas, TX
  • Louisville, KY

Additionally, we are licensed in these states and Delaware, Ohio and the Carolinas, to name a few. Whether you or your business has suffered from the damages of fire, wind, water or storms or theft, vandalism or other property damage, Jones & Associates can work to ensure that your insurance company provides for you fairly and assists you in your time of need.

Our Company’s Commitment to You

Whether you are a residential policyholder, a commercial policyholder or an industrial policyholder, we at Jones & Associates have dedicated our staff to assist you or your firm during this time of tragedy. Our commitment to provide excellent customer services to our clients has been the reason for our tremendous success.

comfortable nest for new home ownershipOver the last several years our company has tripled in size and capacity. We have grown from one location in Chicago, Illinois, to a total of five locations throughout the country. We are proud to have additional offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, New Orleans, Louisiana, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Houston, Texas.

Our innovative style and our aggressive approach to dealing with insurance companies has separated us from our competitors as we lead the industry into the 21st century.

We are committed to fighting for our clients through our network of contractors, contents companies, relocation specialists, appraisers and attorneys. Our diverse backgrounds in accounting, adjusting, construction and law separates us from other adjusters. At Jones & Associates, we go the extra mile for clients. Because of our backgrounds, we are deeply motivated to working with our clients and their contractors to ensure timely repairs and proper replacement of the items destroyed.

The diverse backgrounds of our team members gives us an edge on the average insurance adjuster. Our ability to dissect each detail of your insurance contract and our knowledge of construction gives us the advantage of fighting for your rights by using your policy rights as our weapon of choice.

Our commitment to you means that we continue communication with our clients and the insurance company throughout the claims process. We keep will keep you informed at all stages of the claim so you can make sound decisions when choosing a contractor – and more importantly, when to return home or reopen for business.

We are also committed to maintaining proper records and ensuring our clients have copies of these records. When you have suffered a loss such as a fire, earthquake, explosion, wind or water damage and everything seems to be in disarray, our experience in the industry brings peace and order to your claim.

Our company’s goal is to get our clients started the right way so their claim will finish the right way.

We look forward to serving your needs and we thank you for the opportunity to represent your family or your business.

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Jones & Associates proudly provides insurance adjusting to policyholders in more than 15 states. Find out the reason behind the successful growth of our company.



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