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Building Claims

Handwritten Insurance Claim Form with pen and calculator
The building loss portion of your claim can be compared to navigating a maze without having the benefit of a map. Most policyholders make the same mistake by assuming construction laws applies to their insurance policy. As a point of fact, the insurance policy stipulates specific terms and conditions and how they are interpreted will determine their “restrictive” or “broad” application. It is important that the policyholder has the proper assistance in making sure that the insurance contract is correctly interpreted and applied. It becomes very clear that one needs a map to reach the appointed destination and without it the journey can be both frustrating and confusing.

There are occasions when a property owner or someone s/he is acquainted with may be familiar with construction. It is important to know that understanding construction or having contractor is not enough. The reconstruction process require specialized knowledge and experience. Additionally, your insurance carrier has an extensive background in policy interpretation and procedure. Without sufficient knowledge or experience, you will be placed at a disadvantage as such, you may lose some of your benefits.

Jones & Associates has well over 35 combined years of knowledge in the construction industry as well as 30 combined years of insurance adjusting. We will make all the necessary arrangements with your insurance company, including but not limited to: meeting at the loss site, obtaining an agreed scope of repairs, and last but not least, negotiating a fair and equitable settlement.


Jones & Associates proudly provides insurance adjusting to policyholders in more than 15 states. Find out the reason behind the successful growth of our company.



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