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Additional Living Expenses

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At Jones & Associates, we firmly believe an emergency situation should never cause lasting inconvenience and trouble to you, your family or your business. That is why during the onset of the claim process, loss of use coverages such as additional living expense and fair rental value are properly addressed by our staff. We carefully assess your applicable coverage provision to ensure that they are interpreted and implemented fairly.

During your temporary displacement, you will need to maintain complete and accurate records for your insurance company. While this may seem like an overwhelming and frustrating problem, our team expertly handles every part of the process, including:

  • Facilitating the direct billing process for emergency lodging accommodations
  • Obtaining short-term lease agreements
  • Evaluating, collating, submitting and maintaining receipts

With well over 30 years of combined experience in policy interpretation and application, the professionals at Jones & Associates are here to handle the messy aspects of insurance claims. We know how to deal with various requirements that come with unique policy rights, and effectively interpret them to ensure that every benefit you are entitled to is received.


Jones & Associates proudly provides insurance adjusting to policyholders in more than 15 states. Find out the reason behind the successful growth of our company.



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