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Emergency Services

insuranceYou are now faced with what is clearly an emergency; a loss has been sustained to your property. What do you do? After suffering a loss, you are given the responsibility of protecting your property as well as any remaining assets from further damage. In effect, you have the responsibility of mitigating your loss. This task may require you to secure temporary power, board up all broken windows and doors, cap off running water and make necessary repairs to the roof. Unless you are familiar with the construction industry, this can seem like an impossible task on such short notice.

It is important that you receive proper guidance in regards to this aspect of the loss. The items described after a loss as a “pile of rubbish” are more important than most people realize. In effect, your loss recovery can be rejected, by how the loss debris is handled. As such, you need an expert on the scene to ensure that your rights are being protected. Our company can make the necessary arrangements to secure your property and more importantly, protect the remaining assets. Through our extensive vendor list, we will make sure the proper steps are taken to protect both your property and policy rights.


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